got a good laugh but she quickly grabbed her camera and got a few pictures on her niece prancing around in the over sized underclothes. She didn't change for dinner beeg indian or while they cleaned up afterwards. After that they headed for the living room to settle down to beeg tubes watch television. Kelly spread out on the couch while Sue plopped face down on the floor. When Kelly looked down at Sue in her panties she was thrilled to see that her panties were so large on the girl that she could see her bald vulva beeg and the dark hole of her www.beeg.com ass opening. beeg massage Her tan little buns looked so sweet. Kelly could not resist rolling off of the couch and beeg porche crawled over Sue's body to lay on free beeg top of her and kissed the back of Sue's neck. beeg porno Sue giggled while asking, "Am I a bad girl?" Kelly was puzzled by the question, "Why would you say that?" Sue said, "I was watching a show beeg beeg on HBO (Home Box Office) and a woman was talking like that beegporn when she was having foreplay." Kelly found out she had been watching the show called "Real Sex". Kelly said, "Yes!" She lifted up and pulled her panties off of Sue's body and grabbed the orbs of her little ass roughly. Sue asked, beeg massage "How bad a girl have I been Mommy?" Kelly stood up and pulled Sue with her as she sat back down beeg sex video www beeg on wwwbeeg the couch she beeg . placed Sue across her knee and gave her butt a couple of quick swats with only enough force to be sure Sue beeg sexxx felt them. Then she beeeg stood Sue up between her legs and demanded that she finish stripping off her undies. Sue did so with a big smile on her face that revealed her pleasure in performing the command. beeg porno While she was doing that Kelly was pulling down the zipper on her jeans. She told Sue, "Pull my jeans down to show Mommy how sorry you are for pulling on my beeg com undie. Sue bent over and grabbed the jeans by the cuff and pulled them off beeg gesetz almost in one tug. Next she took hold of Kelly's beeg moms black panties and pulled down as Kelly lifted her butt to ease their passing. When they were free of Kelly's legs she parted her thighs to allow Sue to see her shaved pussy. Sue knelt between Kelly's legs. She started off by giving her Aunt's pussy a couple licks and sucked on the clam like labia before diving in like an animal to perform and act of oral sex that bordered on cannibalism. beeg xnxx Kelly was overwhelmed with the climax the girl inspired in her. She could not resist pulling the girl up and kissing her on her thick dark lips. She was out of breath when she announced that it www.beeg.com was time for bed. The next morning got up before Sue and went downstairs to make breakfast. She was still dressed in beeg free her normal sleep attire that was nothing more that comfortable underpants. When Sue came down the girl was naked. Kelly knew she had not bothered getting dressed after the fun of last night. Then Sue asked if she could visit her best friend today. She lived only ten minutes porn beeg walk from Kelly's house. Kelly called Sarah's mom (Sue's friend) and the woman Okayed the beeg poto visit. After breakfast Kelly told Sue to get dressed so she could walk her there. Kelly walked home quickly afterwards because of some things that needed to be beeg vids done. Kelly was busy cleaning house beeg mom when Sarah's mom gave her a call. She announced that beeg..com Sue had asked beegcom if Sarah could stay with her for beeg mp4 a couple of days. Kelly agreed even though she regretted that having Sarah around would put an begg end to the sex games with her niece. Kelly walked back to beeg milf accompany the girls back to her house. Sarah was about four-feet one. She was a little taller than Sue and a little more developed beeg 18 physically. She was a light brown Negro girl with hair that hung down her back. It was obvious that her mother worked hard to keep her hair as relaxed and as soft as possible. It looked nice with her green beeg anal eyes. She had charming puffy cheeks and made her look so cherubic. The day was rather normal as the girls watched television while Kelly returned to her house cleaning. When beeg black the day was ending the two girls retreated upstairs to her bedroom. Kelly sat up reading beeg tubes and even flirted with a women friend on the web before she headed upstairs to her bedroom. The girls were giggling from inside the room and when she checked they were playing with dolls. She scolded them and reminded them to get to bed. When they jumped into bed Kelly tucked them in. Kelly turned out the beeg black light and went to her room to get ready for bed herself. As usual she only slept in panties. Kelly woke up to find Sue by her bed shaking her arm and telling her that she wanted www.beeg..com to play. Kelly tried to explain that because she had company they could not play and it was too late. She looked at her clock and saw what time it was. Sue was upset and pouting as she left the room and Kelly drifted beeg mature back to sleep. The next time Kelly woke up, it was not by beeg come beeg movies the shaking of her arm but by the gentle little hand on her breast. Her eyes opened slowly and when her eyes could focus she was surprised because it was not beegporn the black hand of Sue but the much lighter toned hand of Sarah. Sue was by her side and commenting on how soft a squishy her aunts big tits were. Kelly pulled the blanket up over her breasts that forced the clinging hand to withdraw. With a stern voice she said, "What are you doing?" Sarah looked hurt, "Sue dared me to do it." Kelly's flashed at Sue, "Did you?" beeg poto Sue said, "Yes! We couldn't sleep so we were playing "Truth or Dare." Kelly looked at the two of them and tube beeg checked the clock, "It is four in the morning, both of you get back to bed." Sue put up an argument for a short while. In Kelly's rebuttal she forgot about the blanket. Then she noticed that Sarah was beeg xxx looking at beeg sexxn her brown breasts again. She beeg jepang recovered her blanket then demanded, "GO To Bed GIRLS!" Sue asked, "If you play Truth or Dare one time we will go to bed." Kelly knew better but agreed. Sue and Sarah moved away and whispered among themselves for a short time. They both turned to look at beeg. Kelly and teen beeg Sue said, "OK your truth is to tell us who was the first beeg com. person to suck your pussy or your dare is to show us your naked body." Kelly was shocked www beeg.com that her niece would have the nerve to ask beeg teen such a thing in front of a girl she had only met that beeg. com morning. After all she didn't want it known she was beegxxx having sex with her nieces. She decided to play xxx beeg it cool. She said, "That is just wrong. Then added, Just go to bed." The girls rushed and jumped onto the beeg ass bed while they tickled Kelly. Kelly protested but to no avail. She finally said, OK! But this beegs is going to indian beeg be fast." The girls had the upper hand and gave a beag.com yell at their victory. Sue told Sarah to turn xxxbeeg on the lights. They got off of the bed and after the lights were on and Kelly's eyes adjusted to the brightness she climbed out of bed with the blanket wrapped around her body and with the беег girls beeg coom sitting on the floor in front of her she pulled her black panties down. The damned things stuck because her pussy was leaking juice but she got them down and stepped out of them. She took hold of the blanket and flung her arms out wide to revel her naked body with the dark blanket as a background. Sue was sitting there calmly because she had seen her Aunt naked beeq.com many times before. Sarah was sitting bug eyed with beeg .com her mouth wide beeg vids open. Kelly announced, beeeg "Off to bed with the both beeg 4k of you." She pulled the blanket around her body as the girls stood up and returned to their bed. Kelly wondered what the girls did after they went to bed but put .beeg it out of her mind so she could get back to beeg hindi sleep. The next morning seemed to start normally enough. Kelly made sure she was properly dressed before she went down to beeg gesetz start breakfast. When the girls came down they were all smiles. They were giddy while they ate. Sue was the first to break the mood when she remarked, "We loved the show last night." Kelly gave her a disapproving look that shut her up. Sue just looked down at her beeg sex plate like a scolded www.beeg com puppy. sex beeg When Sarah looked up she just blurted out, "Can I see you again?" Kelly looked at her in disbelief and so did Sue. Sarah looked at beeg sexxx the both of them and then back at her plate. Nothing more was said at the time. The beeg.coom girls went to watch TV while Kelly washed https //beeg.com the dishes and think about what Sarah had asked. She was preoccupied and didn't realize the girls had snuck up behind www beeg com her. When she b eeg backed into them they asked if she wanted to play with them. Kelly asked, "Truth beeg movies or site beeg.com beeg dare again? If so nothing like last night." beeg.coom The girls were excited and danced around. After finishing the dishes she sat at the table with the girls to play beeg sex their game. The girls led off with the typical questions like what actress they liked, favorite color, favorite movie and stuff like that. The dares were just kid stuff like making funny faces or burping. They spent about an hour playing beeg. that beeg hd game before growing board. Sarah asked if she could call her mom. She wanted to know what time her mother wanted her to come home. After hearing her mother say what time she wanted her to come home beegxxx Sarah pleaded to be allowed to spend another night with Sue. Her mother asked to talk with Kelly www.beeg again. She asked if it would be inconvenient for her to spend another night. She didn't want to impose on her hospitality. Kelly pressed the phone against her chest and asked the girls if they promised not to do what they did last night. They promised not to play that game. Kelly put the phone to her beeg porn videos ear and assured her that beeg teen Sarah was welcome to stay as long as she liked. The girls found ways to amuse themselves around the house and yard while Kelly cleaned up. At one point she heard Sarah say, "No I won't." That aroused curiosity in Kelly. What had Sue asked of her that caused her to refuse Sue's request. Was she trying to talk her into performing some sexual act that Sarah found offensive? She would have to teach Sue how to keep from offending girls. She moved a little closer to the entrance to the dinning room so that she could hear what beeh was being said. To Kelly's disbelief she heard Sue dare Sarah beeg. com to smell her Aunt's panties. Kelly peeked in site beeg.com beeg and saw that Sue was holding a pair of her panties. She free beeg was holding the crotch of black panties under Sarah's beeg lesbian nose. Eventually Sarah had to breathe and in doing so she smelled the musky odor of Kelly's panties. Sue laughed Sarah pushed them away and coughed. Sue asked her if beeg.c it was a strong smell and Sarah said yes. Then Sarah dared Sue to lick the crotch of the panties. Sue took them in hand and gave the material a lick all the way from the brown streak to the double layered crotch. Sarah giggled and said now your mouth is going to smell like your Aunt's pussy. Sue admitted to Sarah that beeg xxx she had licked other girl's beeg indian pussies for real. Kelly www beeg.com felt like walking beeg-com in and telling the girls to stop these games but could not bring herself to do anything. She watched from hiding for several minutes. The girls dared teach other to do things even more embarrassing with the black panties. After awhile they grew tired of the games and went into the living beeg sex video room. Sue forgot the black panties sitting on the dinning room chair. Kelly retrieved her panties and returned beegxx to the kitchen. She called out for Sue to come here. When Sue came into the kitchen Kelly told her to sit at the table. When Sue asked what the trouble was Kelly .beeg tossed the used panties across the table in a rumpled up ball. Sue had a look on her face like someone that had been caught killing someone. She asked if she was in trouble. Kelly asked to smell her breathe. Sue asked if she had seen what they had been doing. Kelly chuckled and said yes. Sue tried to say she was sorry as many as 50 times. Sarah came walking in at that time. She saw the black panties on the milf beeg table. beeg x She started crying. Kelly looked at them hd beeg and said, "Maybe I should call your mother Sarah and tell her to keep track of her underwear." Sarah broke down and in her desire to avoid blame she accused Sue of beeg videos making her do it. Sue was half fooled by beeg video her act sex beeg of righteous indignation. She in turn tried to blame Sarah. That made Kelly so amused that she started laughing. She told Sarah that beeg porn videos she wouldn't call her mother if the two of them would do her a favor. When they beeg movies agreed she beeg. told them she wanted them to clean the bathroom upstairs and downstairs along with beeg vids their bedroom and the living room. They complained that they didn't know how to clean a bathroom. Kelly smiled to herself because she was going to get her revenge for last night. She put on her unhappy face. "Then the two of you have to do a dare for beeg hindi me. Sue got a beeg hd look on her face that looked like she had been reprieved beeg hot from a death sentence. Her face changed to pure joy. Sarah still looked like she was about to die. Kelly told them she would think about their dare during the day and tell them later. It was later that evening when Kelly pulled Sue aside and told her what she wanted her to do as her dare. "I want you to hide Sarah's bag, then dump some soda pop on her shirt and shorts. Sue seemed to understand and set out to do as she was told. It was not long before Sarah came out of the family room mad and mumbling under her breath. Kelly asked what was wrong. Sarah said, "Sue dropped pop free porn beeg all over me." Kelly said, "I will be happy to wash your clothes for you right away so she would have beeg xx them for tomorrow." Kelly looked at the clock and saw that it was 9:26 PM. She suggested it is site beeg.com beeg time for bed anyway, why don't we go upstairs and I will wash mom beeg them while you are in bed." Everyone went upstairs. While beeg xnxx Sarah went beegcom to the bathroom to strip off her clothes Kelly waited for her to hand them to her. She took them back downstairs and because it was a light load she used the delicate item basket to wash Sarah's clothes. About the time Kelly got to begg the top of the stairs she heard Sarah yelling at Sue, "Where is my bag." Sue was beeg x assuring her, beeg jepang "I don't know where it is. I'm sure it will show up sooner than later." Kelly walked into the room and saw Sarah trying to hide her nakedness beeg porn with her hands. She calmed her down by saying she would look for her bag beeg video and she anal beeg was sure they would find beeg porn it teen beeg by tomorrow. She indian beeg encouraged them to get to bed anyway. Sarah was struggling with logic trying to fathom where her bag had been left. She was sure it she had left it in the corner of the bedroom. She was also struggling with fatigue. The girls relented and Kelly tucked them into bed. When she kissed Sue goodnight she whispered in her b eeg ear, "Good job." Sue gave her a sly smile as she headed for the door and turned out xnxx beeg the light. After Kelly was in her room she watched some TV. beeg .com She was in her panties as usual. When she checked her clock she went downstairs to take the clothes out of the dryer. beeg . When she returned upstairs she heard a noise. When she checked it was Sarah looking for her bag. Kelly asked if she beeg..com would like her beegporn to help. Sarah was startled and tried beag.com to cover her beeg black nakedness with her hands. Kelly beegs said with a smile, "Don't worry honey I have the xxx beeg same parts as you do." Sarah smiled weakly and said, free beeg "Yeah." Kelly asked her, "Can't you www.beeg com sleep honey?" Sarah said, "No." Kelly beeg.com was wondering how far she could go with her dare. She reminded beeg mom Sarah that she beeg.c had a beeg.com/ dare coming to beeg xvideos her. Sarah said, "OK." Kelly led Sarah to her bedroom and closed the door as the got on the bed facing each beeg com other with beeg anal their legs crossed. Sarah was still trying to hide her crotch with her hands. Kelly reminded her, "You have seen me naked. Why are you hiding yourself from me?" Sarah slowly removed her hands from her little cunt. The little crack completely concealed her labia. It was just a little dark slit that disappeared between her bee legs. https //beeg.com At this point Sarah pointed at Kelly's blue panties and porn beeg asked, "Would you please remove your panties too?" Kelly gave her a big smile and lifted up and pulled the blue panties below her butt beeg hot then sat back down and pulled the panties down her legs beeg hairy and over her feet. She flung the panties off of the bed and returned to her cross legged position. Sarah sat wwwbeeg there looking at beeg come Kelly's dark vulva. She was fascinated beeg free by her naked pubis and the black labia protruding beyond her crack. She said, "My mother has black kinky hair all over her pussy. Why is your like mine?" Kelly beamed, "I keep mine shaved because I like the feeling." Then in a confidential tone, "If you don't tell anyone I will tell you something more." Sarah was intrigued, "I promise not to tell." Kelly said, "I let women and girl kiss me on my pussy and keeping it bald means they don't get hair in their mouth." www beeg Sarah was surprised to find out that a grown beeg 18 up played the same games as she did with her friends. After all that was why she wanted to visit Sue so much. They had been playing sexual games for months. She didn't know if she should say beeg 4k anything because Kelly might be testing her. After a long pause she asked, "What do they do?" Kelly said, "My friends like to part my labia and lick my pussy." Sarah gave her a puzzled beeg beeg look. Kelly figured she didn't know what the word labia meant. She pointed at the flabby skin and said that беег is what these lips are called. She took hold of each lip with her fingers and pulled the skin allowing the girl to see the inside of her pussy. The skin was dark but pinker. www.beeg..com She pointed www.beeg com out where her clitoris was and explained that it was full of nerves that felt good when they are played with and she spread the lips wider until her vagina was gapping open and she pointed out her urethra. Just to prove her point beeg x she let a little urine squirt out. Sarah asked, "Women actually put their mouth where women pee." Kelly porn beeg didn't want to gross her out so she didn't mention that some like to drink her pee. She assured Sarah that she was kissing pussies since she was her age. Kelly lay back against beeg coom the pillows on her bed so that Sarah could get a good look, "Your dare is to kiss my pussy." Sarah leaned over and moved her face between Kelly's brown legs and smelled the woman pussy. Kelly had washed her vagina and added a dash of her favorite perfume. Sarah stuck out her tongue and gave her labia a tentative lick. Sue beeg com. didn't have anything nearly as large between her crack. The more she licked the more she got into it and before long she was grinding her face between the wet lips. Kelly was getting into the action. She laced her fingers through Sarah beeg mp4 straightened hair gently so she would not frighten Sarah but firm enough to direct her actions. The beeh more Sarah got into the action the more she beeg tube pressed Sarah's beeg.con face beegxx against her pussy. She was enjoying the attention but knew she had to provide Sarah with the same thrill so that she would want more. Kelly gently lifted her wet face and looked at her with beeq.com love in her eyes as she told her that she wanted to taste beegxxx her pussy. Sarah was thrilled at the idea of adult women sucking her pussy. Sue and she had been slowly working up to actually sucking each other. They had progressed to mutual masturbation in bed with each other. After Sue would get off she would smell her fingers and sucking on them. She felt so excited that a grown woman wanted to suck her pussy after beeg . all it was not a developed as hers. She envied Kelly's beautiful breasts and beeg sex video found the appearance of her chocolate colored beeg 4k labia very erotic. She reluctantly moved up the bed until she was next to Kelly and reclined against the pillows and pulled her heels up against her butt and spread her knees in anticipation of what was about to happen. Kelly in turn scooted down the bed and turned over onto her belly. She positioned her head right over the light colored shin of the young black teen beeg girl and gently blew air against her skin. It had just the effect on Sarah that she wanted. The girl was squirming around while she anticipated the feeling of her first oral sexual act. She beeg tube beeg lesbian was sitting begg in such a way that she could watch Kelly as she lowered her close cropped nappy head down to her little pussy. Kelly placed her hands on the backs of Sarah's thighs and opened her mouth as she covered the little vulva and beeg/ began licking the crack. With each swipe the crease was getting wetter and her tongue went deeper into her vagina. She drilled her tongue into the little canal until her tongue met the resistance of the beeg videos hymen. When Sarah moaned because of the pressure on her hymen she pulled the tongue out and sought out the little clitoris. She beeg moms licked it. She whipped it and she sucked it until Sarah beeg/ felt her first climax overtake beeg milf her body. Sarah was turned into a quivering bowl of Jell-O. Kelly let beeg. com the girl ride it out before she lay on top of her and kissed her beeg sexxn mouth www beeg.com lovingly. She was so busy kissing Sarah she had not even noticed that Sue had entered her bedroom and was watching them long enough to see Sarah having beeg hd a climax with her Aunts head between her legs. Knowing how much her Aunt loved oral sex Sue gently crawled onto the bed from the foot. By the time Sarah and Kelly felt her presence Sue was about to placed her face between Kelly's legs. She had a great view of Kelly's brown ass. The bee vulva was swollen and the labia were dangling down. The asshole was a dark chocolate color too. She could not resist licking beeg free the vulva and running beeg sexxx her tongue between the folds and right up to the dark asshole. Sue drilled her tongue into the hole and eventually returned to suck the clit of her Aunt. They made love to each other until the early morning hours. When the finally fell asleep in a tangle of arms and legs. They were still asleep into the early beeg mature afternoon hours when they were startled by the sound of the persistent ringing of the phone. Kelly had to reach over the body of Sarah to pick up the phone and her 36-C breast was drug across Sarah's face. beeg teen She clamed the nipple and started sucking as Kelly said, "Hello" Kelly went stiff and sat up. Sarah clung to the nipple as Kelly said, "Of course Sarah had been a perfect guest. I can't tell you how much we have enjoyed her company.- porno beeg - - - I would be thrilled .beeg to look after her anytime." When she put the phone back on the beeg lesbian nightstand she told Sarah, "You have to get ready to go home right away. You had to go with her family to visit your grandmother. Sue will get you bag while beeg.con I get your clothes. You go take a shower. beeg milf When Kelly came back upstairs Sue was already in the shower with Sarah. She joined them and they managed to wash each other while paying mouth service to beegs each other's bodies. When they were dried off beeg xx and dressed Kelly drove her home and When Sarah's mother came out to the car to help carry the bag Sue and Kelly gave Sarah a beeg hairy goodbye kiss. I hope you enjoyed the story beeg .com and have a story you hd beeg would like told please send your mail to janmay699icqmaile Date: Sat, 5 beeg..com Aug 2006 14:21:20 -0700 From: Jan ' Subject: Educating Kelly www beeg 7 (lesbian beeg porche / Incest, F/gg) Warning: beeg hot This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between a woman and girls. If this type of content offends you or beeg 18 you are under the age of 18 do not read it. Author's Note: This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them milf beeg at your own site, please contact the author for permission. Copyright 2005 Jan, All Rights Reserved. Please mail to janmay699icqmail if you have suggestions for future stories. Educating Kelly 7 By Jan Kelly sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee in her panties waiting for the girls to wake up. Sarah was the first beeg.com/ one to come downstairs. She was still rubbing her eyes as she sat down and acknowledged porno beeg Aunt Kelly's presence. "Why are you porno beeg sitting there like that?" Kelly looked at her own naked breasts and said, "I didn't feel like getting dressed. When beeg.com Sue wakes up I will take the two of you beeg poto to Denny's for www.beeg.com breakfast." Kelly told Sarah that she found her bag that morning. They beeg porche went upstairs and both got dressed in Kelly's bedroom. While they were getting dressed they were laughing about what they looked like in each other's panties. Sue came into the room and asked, "What was so funny? You guys woke me up." Kelly simply said, "We were https //beeg.com trying on each other's panties. Why don't you get dressed so we beeg xnxx can go to Denny's." Sue ran back to mom beeg her room and got dressed. Then she got Sarah up. The three of beeg them headed for hd beeg Denny's. The girls beeg com wanted pancakes and milk. Kelly opted tube beeg for an omelet, wheat toast and coffee. They were having a great time beeg xvideos hinting about what they had been doing the night before. When they got home Kelly told them to take a shower beeg.coom and clean up their room. In the shower Sue told www beeg com Sarah about the dare Kelly had her do so that she would get her naked all beeg.com/ night. After their shower they got dressed and Sarah felt a little peeved that Kelly had hidden her bag just to see her naked. When Kelly asked Sarah what anal beeg the problem was Sarah just walked away. Kelly asked Sue what Sarah's beeg video problem was. beeg ass Sue admitted that she had told Sue about the dare to hide her bag. Kelly told her that was OK she would have a talk with Sarah. Kelly walked downstairs and found Sarah sitting on the couch with her arms folded over beegxx her chest in a defiant www.beeg jester and a displeased beeg jepang look on her face. Kelly sat down next to her on the couch and said, "I'm sorry about not telling you the truth, I just wanted to xnxx beeg see you naked at any cost." Sarah free porn beeg looked at Kelly xxxbeeg and with a pissed off beeg-com attitude said, "Why?" Kelly assured her, "I find you very attractive and very beeg indian sexy." Sarah smiled and asked, "Really?" Kelly y said, "YES!" Sarah's face turned cold again. "You could have just asked beeg xx me." Kelly assured her, beeg/ "I thought you would turn me down." Sarah, "I would have been happy to let you see me naked." Kelly assured that she would make it beeg xxx up to her. The look on Sarah's face was enough to tell anyone she was thinking of ways she could seek revenge. Kelly just blurted out, "How about if I just s